TV Returns – 2015 Fall TV DVR Guide

Summer’s over, the kids are back in school and we’re all ready for the triumphant return of TV.  Well, ready or not, the time has come.  The 2015 Fall TV season has begun and you had better get ready… fast! That’s where we come in.

Every year, the TV landscape changes drastically.  Some of your old shows are out (Revenge, Forever, Hannibal), some shows have moved (The Mindy Project) and new shows are popping up all over the place (Supergirl, Limitless, Into the Badlands, Jessica Jones).  With dozens of networks & cable stations to keep track of, it can all get very confusing and, if you aren’t careful, you’ll miss some of the shows that you were really looking forward to.

Just like you, we are HUGE TV fans and we wanted a way to track all of this, so we’ve been researching and scouring the web for news on all of the 2015 Fall TV shows.  We compiled all the information we found into one handy-dandy guide that you can use to prepare yourself for what’s to come…. well, what has already started really.  That’s right, some of the new TV shows are already here.

The 2015 Fall TV DVR Guide / Lineup

It’s time to give your DVR(s) an overhaul.  Get rid of the old shows, add in the new and make sure there aren’t too many conflicts on those busy TV nights (we’re looking at you Sunday).  So, once again, we’ve compiled our annual Fall TV DVR Guide.  This simplistic (but comprehensive) guide will give you all the information you need so that you don’t miss any of the action.  All the shows, premiere dates and times are here for the taking.

What’s in the DVR Guide / Lineup?

The DVR Guide covers every day of the week, but before you dive in, here’s a snapshot of the information and layout:

Screen Shot - Tuesday Lineup - numbers

  1. Broadcast Channels – Traditional channels like NBC, ABC, CBS, FOX & the CW
  2. Cable Networks – there are too many to list here, but we’ve got you covered with networks like FX, AMC, HBO, Showtime, Comedy Central, etc.
  3. Premiere Dates – each show is labeled with it’s premiere date
  4. New Shows – a gold bar indicates a new show that you probably don’t have on your DVR yet


Take Me to the 2015 Fall TV DVR Guide / Lineup

You’re ready to rock and roll, so now it’s time to download the guide.  Click on the image below to view in your browser, or save it to your desktop.  It’s your choice.

We’ve broken the guide into two parts, each one ready to print at 8.5 x 11.


Like the TV DVR Guide?

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