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We are constantly on the hunt for the latest & greatest nerdy/geeky stuff, which leads us to all kinds of fun finds. But – every once in a while – we stumble onto something that just has us muttering “How the hell didn’t we know about this before?!” Enter Cryptozoic Entertainment and their The Walking Dead trading cards.

We are HUGE fans of The Walking Dead and I have been a long-time card collector, so I was more than a little excited to find that Cryptozoic had these awesome trading cards, with randomly inserted Autograph, Wardrobe & Prop cards.

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Enter our #TWD Trading Card Giveaway now and you’ll be eligible to win one of the special insert cards from the boxes shown above, like the ones shown here.

The Walking Dead - Trading Cards
** Cards shown are NOT the actual prizes. We don’t know what cards we’ll get when we open the boxes.

On Wednesday, August 31st we will open the boxes on our weekly Pre-Podcast Periscope. The THREE winners (randomly selected from all the eligible entries) will receive a special insert card, assuming we pull enough cards to fulfill the giveaway.

For more information on Cryptozoic Entertainment trading cards, visit the following links:


We like to keep things interesting and give you more chances to earn or win entries as the giveaway progresses. Here are some ways we might give you extra chances within the upcoming weeks:

  • Facebook – we might have a chance to win extra entries in one of our posts (keep watching)
  • Newsletter – there WILL be some extra entries just for subscribers (Newsletter sent out each Friday)
  • Podcast – Steve & Sully bring you Nerd News – all you have to do is listen

Good luck everyone!


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  1. #Excellent

    • Thanks Marsha! We’re pretty stoked about opening these up and can’t wait to see what we pull. Reminds me of the good ol’ days, when I collected baseball cards.

  2. Just an insert? Aww. 🙁

    • The inserts include autograph cards, wardrobe & prop cards, sketch cards, printing plates & more. They are the most sought after and probably the most valuable cards in the box. We thought that was pretty awesome.

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