Unboxing – Funko DC Comics Mystery Minis

It wasn’t a long wait between order and arrival for my case of Funko DC Comics Mystery Minis – thankfully.  And it was even a shorter window between accepting the shipment and cracking open the cardboard box to get to my loot. Is there anything better than opening up a surprise? Every box is like a mini-lottery!

As I did for the unboxing of the Funko Disney Mystery Minis, I thought I’d share some details on my case and the series in general.

Details on the Funko DC Comics Mystery Minis

If you haven’t already seen the details on the latest line of 2.5″ collectible figures from Funko, here is the rundown.

Eight characters (Batman, Dark Knight Batman, Batgirl, Catwoman, Joker, Dark Knight Joker, Penguin and Riddler) and twenty different poses are available in this blind box series. There are four very rare (1/144) figures in the series and only two medium difficulty pulls (1/72).

FunkoDCMysteryMinis-RunWhat’s in the Box?

The top layer was a villain-fest, yielding most of the figures that you’d expect to find in a typical unboxing, but there was one rare figure pulled and it was the one I REALLY wanted – the elusive 1/144 Heath Ledger style Joker (Dark Knight).

Here are the figures I pulled, exactly as they were arranged in the box (see image below).

If I have one criticism of Funko on these Mystery Minis, it is the number of times that I have pulled the same figure in two consecutive boxes.  It happened five times in the top layer alone!


The bottom layer was looking pretty much the same (duplicates galore – 5 sets) until I happened upon another rare snag – the 1/144 catwoman. Now, I don’t know about you all, but pulling two 1/144 figures from a case of 24 boxes is what I call a WIN!


The Rare Figures

In case you were interested in the rare figures that I pulled from this case, here is a closeup of the two 1/144 characters.


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