Universal Might Be Forming a Live-Action Voltron Film

From days of long ago, there were times when a live-action Voltron film seemed to form but just couldn’t come together. #VoltronPuns

However, things may be looking up for fans of The Defender of the Universe. Deadline reports that Universal Pictures is going through the development and production mystery box that occurred in the DreamWorks Animation deal. In the box, it appears they’ve acquired a live-action film that was being developed on the down low in the past.

A live-action Voltron film is now seeing the early stages of development by Universal and writer David Hayter – which could be a very promising point to take note of since he was the X-Men and Watchmen scribe. Deadline staff member Mike Fleming Jr. confirms that “Hayter is writing the live-action project that started at DWA, which is also generating the animated series Voltron: Legendary Defender for Netflix.” Of course Universal wouldn’t comment on this and maybe that’s a good thing. Let’s let it play out, especially since this all is just happening now. We’ve waited this long and we believe that studios know that the franchise has a hefty fanbase. For now we’ll keep our paws crossed and just enjoy watching the Netflix show (which is badass by the way) and hope that one day very soon…..we’ll get to see these magnificent robotic lions charge onto the big screen and form the mighty Voltron!



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