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Last July, Steve and I attended our first SDCC and it was nothing short of a mind-blowing experience.  Honestly, we both walked away with a different perspective on conventions and all things nerd/geek related. You can read all about it on my guest post over on Crazy4ComicCon.

“Chris’ First Time….” guest post on Crazy4ComicCon

In fact, the idea for NerdFu came directly from that experience.  We knew that there were plenty of fans out there (nerds like us) who wanted to go to SDCC but couldn’t and we wanted to share.

SDCC 2013

Now, here we are, with only 41 days left to go until San Diego Comic Con 2013 (at the time of this post anyway).  Sure, this year’s been busy and we’ve brought you news from Ottawa Comic Con, Dallas Comic Con, Comicpalooza and Galacticon, but those were all a warm-up for the big show – SDCC!

So why am I writing this? Well, I wanted to relay to you all HOW we plan on sharing with you during SDCC this year. There might not have been a NerdFu last year, but Steve and I were there and we know what we are gonna bring you in 2013.

Photos from the Con

I am an amateur photographer, but I was able to get some pretty good pictures last year in San Diego (see a few below).  Now, this year, armed with a better camera, a better lense and a lot more experience, I hope to bring you all some of the best photos from SDCC.

Live Updates / Surprises / Breaking News

In 2010, attendees of SDCC’s Hall H were surprised with an appearance by the entire cast of the upcoming The Avengers movie and the announcement of Mark Ruffalo as The Hulk and Joss Whedon as director.  In 2011, at the Amazing Spider-Man panel, a “random guy in Spiderman cosplay” rushed the microphone and began speaking, only to reveal a few minutes later that he was actually Andrew Garfield, the actor who would portray Spider-man in the upcoming movie. In 2012, outside the con, a line began to form at the Django display – but nobody knew what they were lining up for.  An hour later, Quentin Tarantino, Jamie Foxx, Kerry Washinton, Walton Goggins and Christoph Waltz appeared to sign autographs and talk to fans.

The point to all this.  SDCC is full of surprises and announcements. You never know what we’ll see or learn, but follow us (on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, here on the blog) and we’ll be sure to report it as it happens!

Swag and Exclusives

San Diego Comic Con is huge (beyond words really) and the companies that show up at the convention (movie studios, television studios, game companies, comic book companies, toy companies….) are all trying to out-do each other and get the attention of fans by giving away free stuff – swag. And if they aren’t giving it away, they are selling exclusive, limited run, hard-to-obtain items that are only available at the show. We’ll be there to grab as much swag and as many exclusives as we can and we’ll be bringing that back for you, the fans. Who knows what we might give away during or right after SDCC 2013???

The Nerdy Girlie - SDCC: Swag
The Nerdy Girlie – SDCC: Swag

Find Us at SDCC

And for those lucky few fans that get to attend the show – keep a look out for your NerdFu Crew.  We’ll be sporting our logo and walking the floor (or standing in line most likely).  Find us and come say hi.  There might just be a surprise for you if you do (wink, wink).

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