Velvet Ropes Don’t Part Easily at SDCC, But There’s Still Lots to Do

“It’s the most..wonderful time…of the year..”

No disrepect to the jolly ‘ol fat guy in the red suit BUT those words above are particularly sweeter right around now. With all the nerds and geeks and in-betweeners descending on poor ‘ol San Diego in several days, no doubt are the panels the hottest thing on everyone’s minds along with certain (if not all) SDCC exclusive merch. However, if you find yourself over there and not so lucky with the infamous lines to get into those panels, or maybe you didn’t score a badge, or maybe you’re just feeling like you want to try something else…..never fear. As always, there’s an overwhelming amount to do. Yes we know about those big “A” list parties too and yes just like you we’d love to be in on them as well. Keep an eye on the ‘Twitter Sky’ because there are some mentions on how to maybe, just maybe, score a way in to a VIP party or two. It can be hard to catch these quick glance tweets so don’t worry. There’s still some fun events that will take place where you don’t have to say “but I’m on the list!” Take a look…


Everyone Can Party…

Ubisoft’s Assassin’s Creed Pirate Ship party: Hang out with Aisha Tyler in the Players’ Lounge on the ship at the 5th Avenue landing behind theConvention Center. 9 p.m.-midnight, 600 Convention Way. Open to the public.

Geek & Sundry Community party, presented by Magic: The GatheringFeaturing Magic-themed photo booth, drinks and decor. Hands-on demos of the new iPad game, Magic 2014: Duels of the Planeswalkers. 8 p.m., Jolt’N Joe’s, 379 Fourth Ave. Open to the public.

SDCCBlog and OutsideComicCon’s “Enchantment Under the SDCC” partyThe unofficial blog team offers tips, tricks and other geeky things to navigate the convention. 8-10 p.m., Henry’s Pub, 618 Fifth Ave. Open to the public.

Nerd HQ: Hosted by Zachary Levi and The Nerd Machine, this is always a big draw for fans with and without a SDCC badge. Plenty to see and do from the latest tech to the lastest gaming, celeb sighting, and more! This year the party moves from the bar to Petco Park (the San Diego Padres ballpark) so it should be a sight to see! 100 Park Blvd, San Diego, CA 92101 (may be 21+ only)


Not too bad huh? And this only scratches the surface of things to see and do. Don’t forget about The Walking Dead Escape, the Sega Arcade, etc. and don’t forget about these amazing Twitter handles to watch for great news and info while there:

@TheNerdFu (that would be us)






 And remember…….as with everything at the Con: be smart, be respectful, and above all else……don’t get tased.



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