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By now many of you have seen The Interview and have heard/read/poured over all the information that came with the now infamous Sony hack. Forget all that….

I’m a Spider-Man fan…..for life. And call me crazy, sound off in the comments below, flood our inbox, whatever doesn’t matter…..I think Andrew Garfield plays Peter Parker p-e-r-f-e-c-t-l-y.

The kid had some acting chops that I believe we’ve only caught a glimpse of so far. There’s more to come and I’m hoping he’ll get to hang onto the web suit a little while longer. Somewhere a while back, I remember reading something about him being okay with handing the torch over in favor of the studio going the way of Miles Morales and another actor. That’s cool. Just not right now though please?? I’d love to see him play Parker in more standalone and then in the upcoming Cap 3/Civil War film. For those of you who know the story, you know darn well how big Peter’s role is in that arc. They need the Spidey we know now. Not some new reboot (again), not some kid, and they definitely don’t need to go with a Spider-Man that’s still a teenager. Why? IF they decide to write Spidey in the Civil War film’s storyline (which they still can), if they want to remain remotely close to the comic then he’s got to be an adult and carry himself a bit older. Just a bit. Garfield can do that and he can carry himself with the other stars returning in that film as well.

Of course, I’ll say it: I could be wrong.

parker 2

Lately, there’s been some a lot of chatter around Sony, Garfield, Marvel, and the fate of the franchise. Here are few “sightings” of such news:

…..Marvel wants to obtain complete creative control and start from a clean slate. In other words, they don’t want to bring the Spider-Man from the The Amazing Spider-Man film franchise into the Marvel Studios universe, they want to create their own version of the character from scratch. This would include casting a brand new actor as Peter Parker to replace Andrew Garfield, who has played the role in both Amazing Spider-Man movies. This has been one of the primary reasons for Sony Pictures head Amy Pascal holding out on the deal, as she has a reputation for standing by her talent. Marvel Studios would also shelve Sony’s plans for any Amazing Spider-Man spinoff movies, including the Aunt May solo film and the spinoff that was said to be led by female Spider-Man characters. – Comicbook.com

While the Amazing Spider-Man movies have their share of problems, Andrew Garfield is not one of them. His performance as Spider-Man has been repeatedly praised by many critics and fans. That said, if Marvel does get control of Spider-Man back, the chances of them keeping Garfield are slim. They would want to start fresh, and having him stay in the role only serves as a reminder of the past. – Cinemablend.com

The dim, bright side to this darkening cloud? Fans have rallied their support for the actor by way of a petition you can still sign. As I write this, the petition has accumulated 21,860 supporters! I’m aware that the powers-that-be will do what they want but anything is worth a shot. The ASM films that he’s done were great. He has the look and the personality that fits Peter way more than Maguire ever did. Don’t get me wrong, TM was good but just nowhere near as great as Garfield. There’s even a rumor that Drake Bell, who’s been voicing Spidey in the Ultimate Spider-Man TV series is being looked at as a new contender for role. Really? Okay……I wonder who’s next?



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