Wizard World Austin 2013 – Robert Rodriguez

When we heard that fellow Texas native Robert Rodriguez was going to attend Wizard World Austin, we were elated. As huge fans of his work like Desperado, From Dusk Till Dawn, and The Faculty – we knew we had to sit in on this panel. We didn’t know what we were in for. What we got was an intimate look on some of the director’s inspiration for his characters as he sat down and talked to Harry Knowles from Ain’t It Cool News.

That inspiration is fantasy and science fiction artist Frank Frazetta and Rodriguez talked about him and his work for almost entire panel. It was interesting to say the least and everyone in the audience could sense the energy and admiration from him on stage as he spoke about Frazetta. Towards the end of the conversation, he mentioned several of his various projects and his new cable TV network that will be coming soon. Enjoy the photos below and catch some of our highlights from his panel.

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*Special thanks to Ervin Llanera for lending us his photography skills


  • Rodriguez brought his iPad and showed many of artist Frank Frazetta’s paintings through a slideshow to the fans. He even showed a short video clip of renowned comic artist and writer Frank Miller being shown some of Frazetta’s pieces for the first time. After pausing at one painting, Miller commented “I wish I had his talent.”
  • He showed some conceptual artwork and video for his upcoming version of the 1983 film “Fire and Ice,” in which he’ll use Frazetta paintings and inspiration along with methods from his Sin City film to give it the look of “live action paintings”.
  • There was a mention of Sin City 2 as well. According the director, this movie will be shot ALL in 3D, still scheduled to debut next August, and will have lots of the original cast returning.
  • His new, upcoming El Rey cable network will premiere next month, December 2013. Rodriguez mentioned that the first original series for the network will be based off of From Dusk Till Dawn and will extend that world for all the fans. It’s currently still shooting but there will around 10 episodes to start with.


Robert Rodriguez has a lot on his plate right now that goes without saying. Sin City: A Dame to Kill For is in post-production right now, and he’s also currently filming his new From Dusk Till Dawn TV series. Add to that the fact that Rodriguez is still gearing up for the launch of his El Rey network and promoting his Frank Frazetta museum to help the artist’s family out and you can see what we mean by full plate.

It was great to see this incredible director up close and hear his thoughts on art, having a new network, his movie making goals, and really just opening up on what’s its like to be in his shoes.


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  1. Very jealous! I wish I could’ve made it out there but it just wasnt meant to be. Glad you guys had a good time!

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