Wizard World New Orleans 2016 – Recap

The Fu boys had their first trip to Wizard World New Orleans over the past weekend and had a really good time! The whole convention really lived up to the city’s motto of “Laissez les bons temps rouler”….look it up and you’ll get the idea. While we had both been to NOLA (New Orleans) before, we had no idea of what to expect exactly. Would it be crazy packed? Are the folks as friendly as everywhere else? Good vendors and artists? How are the panels there? I’m happy to say that all these questions were answered eventually, some quicker than others, and above all else we can very much recommend that Wizard World New Orleans should be on your list of cons if possible.

There was a pretty fair amount of cosplay going on which is always a good thing. Additionally, talented artists, vendors, and craftspeople were on hand to provide con-goers with that fandom-inspired piece of artwork or collectible they needed. And last but certainly not least there were panels. Keep reading to find out about the good times that were had in the Captain America: Civil War panel as well as the always groovy Bruce Campbell panel!


Any good time had at one of these comic conventions MUST give some credit to cosplay. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a store bought costume or if the person forged it from Vibranium with their bare hands, the point is – everyone loves cosplay! WW NOLA did not disappoint. While there wasn’t as much as we’re used to seeing at most cons we attend, we’re not about to take anything away from those that donned the gear of heroes, villains, and anything else from their imagination. You can see more photos here in our separate article dedicated to the FANtastic cosplay we saw! Here’s a little peek…



We’ve seen Chris’ work before here in Houston and on the web. The hard lines mixed with that piercing eye effect he uses is killer! Add his skill with color and his work becomes really hard not to buy by the pound. Oh yeah, he also has this talent for making terrifying villains and monsters super cuddly like his “Killers” art piece.

Wizard World New Orleans - recap - Chris Uminga


This was the first time I’ve seen Mr. Gianelloni’s work but I hope to see more and maybe one day own a piece. The media of choice for Chris is spray paint. Spray paint! But don’t even think about running out to Home Depot and grabbing a can to imitate his work. Chris also employs special stencils he creates to help bring his work to life. A very nice guy as well makes recommending him and his work really easy.

Wizard World New Orleans - recap - Chris Gianelloni


Now, I’m sure you’re looking at these panties and thinking “bold graphics on ladies underwear? cool.” However, the coolness doesn’t stop there. It begins with Anthony, who is part of the Harebrained! crew. These guys have been on our radar for some time now have been been a major cause of our bank overdrafting due to their badass t-shirts. But Anthony greeted us at Wizard World New Orleans not with witty t-shirts, nay…but with Period Panties! In a censored nutshell, the creative geniuses at Harebrained! have fabricated ladies undergarments with a uhhh…certain theme in mind. Phrases like “Redrum”, “Crime Scene”, and “Sour Puss” adorn these particular articles of clothing. And while some of the musings may leave you “red” in the face…(sigh). Okay that was a pun. But these are pretty funny…period.

Wizard World New Orleans - recap - Harebrained! - Period Panties


Bruce Campbell

Sully attended the panel for Bruce Campbell and had nothing but a glowing things to say! He said Bruce was on fire, super charismatic, quick-witted, and very funny. There was a “gameshow” of sorts and one little kid who attended the panel that may or may not have gotten the best of Bruce. Get the complete rundown of the panel featuring Ash himself in Sully’s report that includes some really incredible photos he snapped. And if you’d like to see even more from this panel, head to ConTV for clips that are free to watch!

Wizard World New Orleans - recap - Bruce Campbell

Captain America: Civil War

Joe and Anthony Russo moderated the panel for Captain America: Civil War and I honestly don’t think anyone else could’ve done a better job. The brother’s chemistry on stage completely grooved with their fellow guests on stage that included Anthony Mackie, Frank Grillo, Hayley Atwell, Jeremy Renner, and the Captain himself……Chris Evans! As the names were called out, chills ran up and down my arms and spine. The conference room it was in was big but not Hall H big so even sitting second tier up made for a more intimate-feeling panel. The Russo brothers asked questions up and down the panel and got a little something out of everyone. Sometimes even more than they bargained for! They also spoke on general moods of Civil War in their own regard. No sizzle reel was brought and of course no spoilers or teasers were given which was perfectly fine with me. Head over here to get the proper feeling of the panel from Sully and myself, complete with killer photos! A highlight for us both was the fact that we got to meet the Russos at their signing and got really incredible Civil War posters signed by them both!

Wizard World New Orleans - recap - Captain America: Civil War

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