Wizard World New Orleans – Captain America: Civil War

Captain America: Civil War premieres in May and we could not be more excited about the film….. well, that was until this past weekend.  Wizard World New Orleans (Jan 8-10, 2016) hosted an EPIC lineup of Civil War cast members and the directors of the film, Joe and Anthony Russo.  In fact, it was such an amazing guest list that we loaded up the car and headed to New Orleans for the con.

In addition to signing autographs and posing for photos, the stars of the film came together for an amazing panel on Saturday morning that we were NOT going to miss. The Russo brothers moderated the panel and introduced the cast: Chris Evans, Jeremy Renner, Hayley Atwell, Frank Grillo & Anthony Mackie.

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While Chris Hardwick is by far our favorite panel moderator, the Russos may quickly be closing the gap of our second favorite moderators. The brothers were really funny but displayed great candor when asking and answering questions. We were really surprised at how funny they were! I loved seeing the back and forth between the directors and how the cast played off of one another….especially Mackie and Evans who were in top form that day!

On How the Civil War Will Change the MCU…

We think that…the way we’ve been talking about it that….people are ready for it emotionally. Everyone comes together differently at the end. – THE RUSSO BROTHERS

The great thing about Civil War is that with these two teams….you see the duality. You know where we’ve come from. You really do have to pick sides. That makes everyone here lose some bonds…some relationships. We’re split into two sanctions and try to fight for the same thing. – MACKIE

It’s weird because I know what I’m gonna look like when I’m 93…[pauses and looks around]…sorry but it’s so weird to be the only woman up here!” – ATWELL

On How to Prepare for a Movie Like This…

It’s scary you know. It’s high risk high reward when you do these movies and it’s always for the audience. You have to make sure the fans get what they want. For these movies, you have to make sure that not only are we the actors happy but also that you make the fans happy. – EVANS

What’s It Like Playing Rumlo Then Crossbones?

Well…in the first one I was friends with him [Captain America]. But now, I have a very clear perspective! – GRILLO

A Fan Asks the Entire Panel What Their Hogwarts Houses Would Be….

[No one answers so the question gets repeated. All of the cast looks puzzled then Evans takes over…] Ohhhh…..it’s a movie reference! Yeah uhhh….we’re not here to talk about that movie thank you. Security?!

[the crowd cheers and laughs]



As if the panel weren’t awesome enough, the Russo brothers made sure that fans had a weekend they wouldn’t forget. They did something that I hope becomes a trend at conventions – they signed autographs… for FREE!  That’s right, for the few hundred fans that were lucky enough to make it into their line after the panel, they provided Captain America: Civil War posters and signed autographs at no charge.  This really made my weekend and honestly, these are two of THE nicest guys I have ever met at a convention.

Thank you Joe & Anthony Russo! I was already a fan, but now you have my respect and admiration.

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