“X” May Mark Another Spot for 20th Century Fox

Okay mutants. Not that the Avengers need a break or anything BUT with all the teams out there in Marvel-land it wouldn’t hurt to see more of the mutants, espeically those in the X-Men’s world. We do have The Wolverine to look forward to and that Mageneto movie is stuck (zing!) on a shelf pretty much permanently now. So what to do with all those awesome mutants who need homes on the big screen? Enter 20th Century Fox who about 3 months ago registered, according to x-menfilms.com, the domain: X-ForceMovie.com. We’re fully aware at this point that this is still speculation but collider.com has suggested that the studio may even use their upcoming panel at Comic-Con next Saturday to maybe give us a taste of an expanded X-Men universe! I realize some of you may be wondering “who the heck are X-Force anyway?” I’m glad you asked:

A Quick Glance at X-Force

A mutant soldier from the future, Cable, traveled to the present to seek to change his apocalyptic time, he took the New Mutants under his wing and restructured them as X-Force, a mutant strike team that would take a more proactive stance against threats to mutantkind.

– excerpt taken from Marvel.com

The X-Force team roster has included ArchangelDeadpoolDeathlok,Fantomex, CyclopsNightcrawler,Psylocke, and Wolverine. While we’ve seen some of the mutants already I would still love to see in what capacity Fox would bring in old favs or new introduce new ones. I think it’s a great idea to go forth into the world of mutants. As you all know there’s no shortage of material in the Marvel handbook. There’s a few more teams out there right??



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