Xbox Invites You to “Enjoy Your Burrito” and More with a Chance to Win Custom Xbox One Consoles

If you’re one of the Powerball-like lucky winners attending San Diego Comic-Con this year, then you’re in for a potential treat. Among all the wonderful events that we know will take place – the Marvel panel, the WB panel, The Walking Dead Escape, standing in lines that shave years off your life, etc. – we recently heard about this amazing contest in which Xbox will be giving away 20 (yup T-W-E-N-T-Y) custom, collectible Xbox Ones at SDCC! Get those tweetin’ fingers ready ya’ll…..


The Contest

One of the greatest things about this contest is that it’ll be pretty easy to enter. No running around the city of San Diego and potentially ending up in Mexico. Trust us….that’s not that hard to do. Anyway, the first thing you’ll probably want to do is make sure you’re on Twitter. That would help, seeing as how this is a Twitter-based contest and all. On Twitter now? Good. Now according to the rules we read over on Nerdist, all you have to do make your way over to the Xbox Gaming Lounge (located at the Manchester Grand Hyatt Seaport Ballroom) and allow your eyes to adjust to the light as it radiates the awesomeness off each of the custom Xbox One consoles. Snap a photo of your favorite custom console, then tweet it out with the hastags #XboxOne and #XboxSweeps. Make sure you follow @Xbox as well. Not using both hashtags will be considered inappropriate and you will be asked to leave San Diego.

Just kidding. But your tweet won’t count. That’s on the real.

21-Xboxes-jpegNow, about that Xbox One that’s on top of this Victory Pyramid……………’s what Nerdist had to say:

While we’re super jazzed on the wide array of custom consoles that Xbox will be giving away at this year’s SDCC, we didn’t want to feel left out and we especially wanted to make sure we had something extra special for you guys, so we’re teaming up with the Xbox crew to give away a Nerdist collectible Xbox One console! That’s right — you can unlock the “Enjoy Your Burrito” life achievement at this year’s SDCC. Be sure to keep an eye tuned to @Xbox on Twitter and watch for a very special tweet with more info. When the time is right, all you’ll have to do to win is retweet it and sacrifice a cattle to the Elder Gods. Okay, maybe just retweeting it will suffice, but you get the picture.

Get some one-on-one time with the consoles before SDCC below:

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  1. This is pretty cool. i saw it yesterday and since i aint attending SDCC im entering via alternate methods. I rellaly like that black Batman lego console. I am so jelly of everyone attending TWD panel, thats my number one i would love to attend someday.

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