Xbox One S

We heard rumors of a new, slimmer Xbox One leading up E3. Yesterday, everything came together in a big reveal from Microsoft and we got our first look at the new Xbox One S.

The tag line “Sleeker. Slimmer. Sharper.” accompanies the images of the new Xbox One S in almost every ad we’ve seen so far, but I think they might have missed the mark slightly. That S clearly stands for “Sexy!”

Xbox One S – Smaller

The updated Xbox One is 40% smaller that its predecessor AND they have somehow managed to include the power supply. This is definitely the headline for the “S,” but I don’t think it will really sink in until we can get a hands on with the new system.

Xbox One S - 40 percent smaller

Xbox One S – Stronger

Don’t let the new size fool ya. This new, smaller unit is packing even more punch than the previous model. Here are a few specs from Microsoft.

  • 4K Ultra HD – You can now stream 4k content on Netflix and watch Ultra Blu-ray movies
  • HDR (High Dynamic Range) – Richer, more luminous colors in games like Gears of War 4 & Forza Horizon 3. There is a higher contrast ratio between lights and darks that brings out the true visual depth of your games
  • IR Blaster – Configure your Xbox One S to turn on other devices, like your TV, A/V Receiver, cable/satellite receiver. Leave the remotes behind
  • NEW Xbox Controller – Textured grip and up to twice the wireless range. There is also Bluetooth included! Play your favorite games on Windows 10PCs, tablets and phones.

Xbox One - New Controller


Xbox One S – Storage

The 2TB Launch Edition Console, available this August, means more space for all of those downloaded games. Discs are on the way out and that means you’ll need the space.

Slow down! The price on the 2TB Launch Edition is $399.99, but other versions of the Xbox One S will be available later this year. Maybe you already have an external hard drive or won’t even come close to filling up 2TB of space.


Here are some pre-order links via Amazon, in case you are ready to pull the trigger. These are affiliate links and we get a small referral fee if you use our links:

Xbox One S - Launch Edition - 2TB


Xbox One S 2TB Console

Price: $399.99 (via on 6/14/16)

Release Date: August 31, 2016



Xbox One S - 1TB


Xbox One S 1TB Console

Price: $349.99 (via on 6/14/16)

Release Date: December 30, 2016



Xbox One S - 500GB


Xbox One S 500GB Console

Price: $299.99 (via on 6/14/16)

Release Date: December 30, 2016



What do you think of the updated Xbox One S? Will you get it on Launch Day or wait until a better deal comes along?

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