Zachary Levi Unleashes Nerd HQ 2013

With SDCC 2013 literally breathing down our necks, there hasn’t been a shortage of awesome news that’s for sure. Zachary Levi (Chuck) drops some very much anxiously awaited news: The 2013 Nerd HQ Panel lineup! Things are sure to be even crazier this time around being that Nerd HQ’s new digs is Petco Park. Yup that’s right. The San Diego Padres ballpark.

“With the move to Petco Park, we can bring fans an even bigger, more dynamic experience during Nerd HQ 2013. Moving to the ballpark is a major step in the growth of Nerd HQ and will allow us to expand our tradition of offering exclusive access to new games, technology, and the opportunity for intimate conversations with some of the Hollywood’s most influential celebrities and creatives.”

Zachary Levi, Founder of The Nerd Machine

A Quick Glance at Nerd HQ 2012…

Now if you’re unfamiliar with the event at SDCC (unlikely but just in case) here’s the Cliff’sNotes version: Zac and The Nerd Machine hold a huge party in San Diego during Comic-Con weekend where attendees can get hands on experience in some of the latest tech and gaming around. Sound good? Keep your pants on. Nerd HQ has some amazing friends who not only showed great fan appreciation but also showed great love for the event’s charity, Operation Smile. The Conversations for a Cause panels raised a whopping $140,000! Last year there was autograph signing and a chance to sit in on smaller and more intimate panels. Some of last year’s panelists and panels were:

  • Ashley Greene
  • Guillermo del Toro
  • Jared Padalecki
  • Joss Whedon
  • Nathan Fillion
  • Seth Green
  • Stan Lee
  • and of course the host with most, Mr. Zachary Levi 
  • Chuck
  • Doctor Who
  • The Expendables 2
  • Twilight
  • Grimm
  • Robot Chicken

And Now Kids……Nerd HQ 2013 Conversations for a Cause

Psych on 7/18/13 @ 9a

The Maze Runner on 7/18/13 @ 4p

PBS Masterpiece: Sherlock on 7/18/13 @ 5pm

I, Frankenstien on 7/19/13 @ 12:15p

Orphan Black on 7/19/13 @ 3p

300: Rise of an Empire on 7/19/13 @ 4:15p

Joe Manganiello on 7/19/13 @ 5:30p

Haven on 7/19/13 @ 6:30p

Joss Whedon on 7/20/13 @ 10a

Thrilling Adventure Hour on 7/20/13 @ 11:30a

Dr. Who on 7/20/13 @ 2p

 ***Zac also gave a peek at a few other panels that will go on sale later…

Nathan Fillion – Date: TBA / Time: TBA

Seth Green – Date: TBA / Time: TBA

Jared Padalecki – Date: TBA / Time: TBA

and the Ringmaster himself…Zac Levi – Date: TBA / Time: TBA


Conversations for a Cause tickets will available for purchase at and once again proceeds will go to benefit Operation Smile

According to The Nerd Machine’s website for Nerd HQ 2013, it looks like “tickets are limited to 2 tickets per order and can not be transferred or resold.” Tickets will go on sale tomorrow, July 11, 2013 at 12p PDT. Trust us…..if you even THINK you MIGHT want to go, grab your tickets without any delay. These tickets will go away faster than Xbox One’s DRM stance. Zing!













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