Neill Blomkamp Takes to Twitter for ‘Alien’ Update

There’s been a lot of news back and forth regarding District 9 director Neill Blomkamp and the sci-fi titan known as Ridley Scott dealing with new Alien / Prometheus movies. But now it looks like Scott has (suckered?) punched progress of any other Alien film, other than his own. When Blomkamp released his sweet concept art in the internet-wilds long ago, it sparked a rally cry from fans wanting him to tackle the project. No promises were made…then.

Neill Blomkamp - Concept art for Alien movie

Recently progress looked promising for Blomkamp, especially with Scott pulling himself in different directions. The Prometheus 2 film – now called Alien: Paradise Lost – has been talked about through various sources on and off. We’ve heard everything from written draft scripts, production time frames, and even some saying the project may not even get off the ground. Personally, I love Prometheus and would like to see a sequel. Lots of folks didn’t like it. But I’m also a fan of Blomkamp and his District 9 so I’d like to see him tackle something in the xenomorph world as well. I believe there’s plenty of room for both films but that’s up to Fox – who will give somewhat of a carte blanche card to Scott first. Interestingly enough, it seems that Scott has placed his focus back onto Prometheus 2  Alien: Paradise Lost.

Blomkamp took to Twitter a few days ago and informed his fans of the current status:


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