Nathan Fillion – Dallas Comic Con 2014

If you EVER get a chance to see Nathan Fillion live, don’t pass it up.

Our Captain or Richard Castle (whichever floats your boat) is as charismatic a human being as you’ll ever meet. From the moment he exits the curtain (or gets caught up in it), he is on – happy, entertaining, sincere and most of all appreciative of his fans!  The hour spent with him at Dallas Comic Con was one we’ll never forget.

The only bad part about the panel was saying goodbye at the end.


Nathan commenting on canceling his appearance at Dallas Comic Con 2013 – “Last year I went through 4 eye infections so I canceled this event. In 1995 I was in Dallas for a softball game and we lost.”   Moderator: you’re in Dallas for one day and we all won.

“LeVar Burton approached me for a Castle spinoff – Black Castle”

Nathan commenting on his possible appearance in Guardians of the Galaxy: “you may or may not see me in GOTG …. but you will probably be disappointed.”

Fan: “Joss Whedon has said that for Firefly to comeback, people would have to stop watching Castle.”   Nathan: “good luck Joss!”

Nathan’s Favorite line from Firefly: In the scene where Mal kicks open the box to reveal River and says “huh.”  Joss told him to really give the line a minute to breathe before saying it.

Fan: What’s your favorite part about playing Mal?   Nathan: “He……will…….fight………you.”

Fan: If you had to write your own epitaph, what would it say?   Nathan: “Here lies Nathan Fillion. They should’ve listened.”

Fan: If joss Whedon called and asked you fill in last minute for an Avenger, who would you want it to be?   Nathan takes out his phone (image above) and acts out a whole scene where he is talking to Joss and eventually reveals that he would be “Tony Stark.”

Fan: A teacher asked Nathan if he was a trouble maker growing up.  She also called him “snarky” which got heads spinning in the audience.  (you don’t call our Nathan names).  She asked for a specific story about his shenanigans in school.   Nathan: “Five guys jumped on one kid to give him a nuclear wedgie. Teacher was no where to be seen. I though no….not on my watch.  I walked up behind them, kicked one in the business, pulled two to the ground, then grabbed two by the back of the heads and smacked them together ….. oh, that sound their heads made.”  Nathan regretted the action, but not the fact that he stuck up for the little guy.  “I was a good kid. I was shy.”

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