Nathan Fillion [PANEL] – ECCC 2016

Captain Malcolm Reynolds, Hal Jordan, Buck, Captain Hammer, Richard Castle, Caleb….. Nathan Fillion! You might know him by any one of many, many roles he has portrayed in TV or film, but you don’t really know Nathan Fillion until you get to see him in person, where he really shines.

Nathan Fillion is a regular on the convention circuit and we’ve had the pleasure of seeing him at least five times now, but that didn’t sway us from scheduling our entire Saturday at Emerald City Comicon around his panel. He ALWAYS puts on an awesome show for the fans, whether it’s with one of his auctions, as part of a group panel or simply by himself.

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There WERE some videos of the panel on YouTube, but most have been taken down, so we pulled together a few highlights from the conversation.

  • As a young boy, Nathan’s family, including his brother Jeff, took a trip to Disneyland. When told they would be going to Seattle, Jeff said “I don’t wanna See-Attle, I wanna See-Mickey!”
  • One fan asked Nathan to show us his wig. He doesn’t have one, but he has a little trick where he can wiggle his scalp around and make it look like he is adjusting a wig.
  • Someone asked Nathan what character he would want to portray in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. He said that he didn’t want to say a name, because every time he did, someone would share that online and cause a big rumor, thus eliminating him from contention. No more names!
  • Nathan originally auditioned for the part of Angel on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. He was turned down and told that they were “gonna go handsome for the role.” Ouch!
  • He recently got to meet Gary Oldman for a photo session. Gary Oldman’s first words to Nathan were “Hey – Doctor Horrible!” Joss Whedon is a career-maker.


Like I said above, this isn’t our first time to see Fillion. Here are a couple other posts we have that include photos of the Geek God.


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